About us


The “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press was founded in 1990 and has since established itself as a landmark of the Romanian academic community. By following the proven model of similar Western institution such as Presse Universitaire or University Press, the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press’ main mission is to make available to a wider general readership the scientific achievements of Iasi’ scholars and scientists.


The “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press publishes primarily handbooks, course books and journals needed by the students of the university and comprising the entire curricular agenda of the disciplines studied at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University. The University Press publishes as well scientific papers and publications of the faculties, departments and research groups. The publishing program of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press has been well received by the Romanian academic community and the general public as shown by the many awards obtained since 1990 and up to the present (A. D. Xenopol Award and Ludovic Mrazec Award of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Prize of the Romanian Writers Association, several prizes and honors awarded at book fairs or by the Romanian media).


The editorial program of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press includes traditional series such as Historica, Sophia, Documenta, The Library of Literary History, Bibliotheca Archaeologica Iassiensis, DEU, Applied Social Psychology, Bibliotheca Cassica Iassiensis Personalities of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, FIBAS, Antiqua et Medievalia, Bibliographica, Bibliotheca Patristica Iassiensis, Economikon, Excellentia 150, Ethnos, Fontes Traditionis, Iasi German Studies, Logos, Patrimonium, Scripta Archaeologica et Historica Dacoromaniae, Education Science, Monumenta Linguae Dacoromanorum, corresponding to the various research fields at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University.

Translation Program

In its 20 years of existence the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press published numerous translations of internationally well-known authors such as Serge Moscovici, Alfred Bertholet, Christian Baylon, Xavier Mignot, Anna Ahmatova, Osip Mandelstam, Julian Marias, Klaus Steinke, Michael Toolan, Reinhart Koselleck, Michel Meyer, Bernd Ruthers, Leonid Nikolaevici Maikov, Jorg Jochen Berns, Aurelius Victor, Cicero, Heinz Nussbaumer, André Sirota, Eugeniu Coseriu, Jesus Huerta de Soto, Jerzy Falicki, Jacob Grimm, Ernest Renan, Martin Hose, Salvador Parrado Diez, Rudolf Windisch, Edgar Morin, Johann Ludwig Tieck, Piergiulio Corsini, Pierre Penisson, Anne-Marie Houdebine-Gravaud, Ralf Dahrendorf, Jacques Le Rider, Heinz Lampert etc. The translation program of the publishing house has been recently significantly expanded and intensified.

General Informations

Our publishing house has its own bookstore where students can buy books to special discount prices. We organize on a regular basis book promotions of our most recent titles in bookstores or at book fairs. Our house publishes over 100 titles per year and we have a distribution network that covers bookstores throughout the country. Additionally, we also take online orders and ship the books with the Romanian Mail to whatever destination required.